Ethos behind Canine Cavern

Ethos behind Canine Cavern

24 Aug 2018

I started Canine Cavern all those years ago by stocking CSJ dog food, selling it at flyball competitions where we were racing and in the Huddersfield area.  Just gentle selling, no big deal.  If you wanted it fine,if not I wouldn't pressure you.

Then people started asking for treats, salmon oil and Pemmikan, so I sourced those and still sell those on the stall.

I decided to call the business a Cavern as it would have many different items within it.  Not really specialising in anything, but hopefully have something for everyone at a flyball show which was, and currently still is, my main selling area.  I don't hold lots of stock of items, if someone comes along who sells more of them I cut back.  For example if Skippers, Mutleys Treats, Howl Emporium come along to a show - it's really not worth me selling mine.  Mine are full price, small packs normally (unless someone asks for larger items) whereas they have a huge range with large bags.  I just don't have room.

I like to find small, sometimes hobby, businesses and give them a leg up.  If I am able to sell their items on the stall over the internet then great.  I assess after the first batch has gone whether it is viable for me.  I only have so much room in the van.


I love meeting people, catching up with old friends, as well as trying to make sure people have the right tug, Back on Track, HOTTERdog or Thermlow coat for their dog.  If I don't feel it is right for you then I try not to sell it to you - if you are adamant then fine.

Hope that gives you some idea of how Canine Cavern has grown.  I am also involved with Nellie Doodles but that's for another time.

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Ethos behind Canine Cavern

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