Flyball Photo Montage

Flyball Photo Montage

6 Jun 2018

So excited that this has eventually happened and my thanks goes to the following photographers who agreed to me using their work throughout Stuart Laverick, Gordon Boffin and his collective, Stuart Walmsley, Katy Rose. PLEASE NOTE that these images are under copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form without permission from Canine Cavern or the respective photographers.  The photo montage design is by A Piece of Moments

There are many different products where the photo montage is being used, t shirts, bags, mugs, planners, wall planners to name but a few.  They will gradually added into the shop and featured on the Canine Cavern Facebook page.  

Below is a video of part of the inside of the planner - can you spot yourself or your dog?  Hope you like it.  this is the link to purchase in the shop, thanks for looking 




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Flyball Photo Montage

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