Social Media - update

Social Media - update

5 Oct 2021

Morning all

It's been a while and I have been remiss in keeping this up.

The reason I am starting again ... FB etc going down for 6 hours yesterday showed me how much I rely on it for my business, to keep in touch with people and my customers.

So I am going to try to use this format as well, and get everyone used to dropping in to see what is happening.

I also have a blog on my website, again not used very much, so will develop that one as well.

Recently I have taken to selling human chocolate and small gifts,  as well as all the dog tugs and treats - this is developing nicely.  Some are through affiliate schemes - where I get an introduction commission, others I stock.

My latest chocolate is from Oh so Yummy, a small business based in Driffield - they have some lovely Halloween chocolates and I am really looking forward to seeing their Christmas range.

This is the link Oh So Yummy - I hope  you like it.


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Social Media - update

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