the Health Benefits of Harley Bear Coconut Oil Treats

the Health Benefits of Harley Bear Coconut Oil Treats

15 Jun 2018

I am always on the look out for something which helps our dogs, and we all know that coconut oil is great for them, and us, but we don't always realise the full benefits, plus it's so difficult to get that oil out of the bottle.

Harley Bear Coco Bites has made these fantastic small treats for dogs, using superfoods and also herbs for the calming ones.  Love the packaging, love the fact you can also purchase loose weight and I will be stocking these to either post out or pick up at shows.  They have a shelf life of 6 months, but must be kept in a cool dark place, otherwise the oil will melt and you can just imagine the mess.

They also do cool bags, so will have a few of those as well

This is a link to the health benefits of coconut oil for our favourite friends - just click on the link Health benefits

Apart from the health benefits there are 2 other types of treat - the mint paws which are for bad breath, digestion and 'farting' lol, and the calming paws - which come in a lovely jar - or you can purchase loose paws as well - these are great for noise aversive dogs - fireworks, thunder, loud noises; as well as anxiety, stress and some behaviour issues.  


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