Groomi Tool





The Groomi Tool is the only shedding tool you will ever need!

Suitable for Horses, Dogs, Cats and other furry friends!  See below for various videos showing it being used

The Groomi is designed to remove dead hair, dirt and other nasties from your pets coat with total ease and complete comfort for your pet. The Groomi comb is wide and shallow ensuring that it will not penetrate your pets skin and will not clog up and break the hair, protecting the all important guard hairs.

With no pressure needed your pet will not feel any discomfort, and likely enjoy the experience.

Made from partly recycled plastic and with an added grip for comfort. Making it wipe clean and light in your hand. Unlike any other product on the market our combs can be replaced when dull.

Simply use the end of the new comb to undo the quick release screw and replace in the same way using the old comb!

The comb itself is made from stainless steel ensuring it will not rust when left outside or in damp conditions.

The results the Groomi achieves have to be seen to be believed which is why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for both you and you pet!  <--Grey Hound  <--Malamute   <-- Horse 

We are also able to supply the full kit and spares blades - please contact us for these.  Thanks

Also available as a full kit - The full kit comprises of a Groomi Tool and a spare kit. In the spare kit you will receive 3 blades and 1 thumb screw.

Blades kit - 

The Groomi Tool spares kit consists of 3 spare combs which can be used to undo the quick release screw and 1 spare quick release screw.

The combs are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable. Each comb should last a few months at least even with regular use.

If you feel that the comb isn't performing as it should give it a good clean! The blades are not designed to cut, only to pull the dead hair from the animal,

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