Hairy Rabbit Ears 200g



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A great low fat sensitive alternative to the popular pigs' ear

A hit with dogs of all shapes and sizes, these ears with fur really are a jackpot reward.

Great for teeth cleaning and general oral hygeine, they are a low fat 100% natural product. 

Fur provides an excellent source of fibre for your dogs diet and can help flush out any nasties in your dogs digestive system (such as parasite eggs), lots of customers also use the ears with fur to aid in settling tums with acid reflux.

Rabbit is also a handy protein for those dogs with allergies to more mainstream proteins like chicken and beef. 

Natural treats for healthy dogs, grain and gluten free, no artifcial colours, flavours or preservatives

  • Perfectly air-dried
  • Easily digestible
  • A clean odourless treat to have in the house

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