Now for new product for those of you with small dogs, less than 12kg. - THE PETBLOON.  This is currently out for testing so hopefully have some more photos and videos in the next 10 days.

The short sales pitch: PetBloon is a bright and light waterproof balloon cover which transforms a standard balloon into a fun, safe dog toy. It's innovative and brand new to the market. Our hook & loop seal contains a balloon inside the cover, away from teeth and paws. If it pops, simply replace the burst balloon with a new one.

Or the full details

Designed in Scotland, PetBloon is the next-generation of our five-star rated baby products
Simple to use: 
1. insert balloon and inflate 
2. twist balloon to seal (no pesky knots to tie) 
3. tuck balloon into the Velcro opening and close

The balloon is contained with Velcro - even if it bursts, animals and children can’t get at the remnants so there’s protection from swallowing balloon pieces or choking 
Bespoke PetBloon dog print fabric, featuring our early testers’ dogs. Designed for maximum appeal within a dogs colour spectrum (yellow to blue).
Increases balloon durability - no loud pops which frighten dogs
Reusable - works with any standard size balloon
Water resistant - suitable for use indoors and outdoors
Folds to pocket-size to take on walks
Lightweight - it’s only a balloon so won’t injure kids, damage furniture or knock over ornaments
Specifically designed for small dogs - we recommend for dogs less than 12kg. However, it’s great for any size of dog as long as they aren’t a heavy chewer - it’s still a balloon after all!
Hand or machine washable at 30°

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