Nellie Doodles 10oz Enamel Mugs - various designs

nellie doodles




Lovely 10 oz enamel mugs - 6 different designs - featuring podencos, salukis, borzois, black hounds. Full colour prints on white enamel 10oz mugs with silver rim.  Dimensions are 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter although the silver top lip which is wider than the base. THESE SHOULD BE HANDWASHED.

Note: Due to the nature of enamel products, the surface of each mug does differ slightly, you’ll notice some lumps and bumps in some mugs, and the occasional small blemish, mark and scratch, particularly around the lip. This is simply the nature of enamel mugs and what makes each one unique to their owner.

Please note that sometimes we have to have them made to order, and it can be 7-10 days before they are back in stock

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