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The EQU StreamZ patented design provides a non-intrusive natural pain relief device to the equestrian community, tested on humans for use on animals. Not only has the EQU StreamZ band been found to support recovery from injured muscles, strains, wounds, and pains; evidence has been collected showing a significant reduction in inflammation and a variety of health issues suffered by horses. EQU StreamZ bands are provided in packs of two. Each weather-resistant band is wrapped around the fetlock/hock area and should be left on at all times or for a minimum of 8 hours per day.


EQU StreamZ provide a low cost and natural response to a variety of symptoms, by rebalancing compounds and minerals in the body. This helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with a large variety of complaints. Many symptoms have been reported as being significantly improved whilst wearing the bands, including arthritis, lameness, suppleness, energy levels and inflammation. In turn, this has led to a reported reduction in administered medication levels. The EQU StreamZ band creates no known negative side effects and can be used on competing horses at all levels.

StreamZ have run successful study groups across a variety of horses with varying health issues ranging from severe mobility problems, inflammation and tendon issues. Clinical studies have taken place on several of these health issues and will be independently published in 2017.

The EQU bands have proven to support the following symptoms:

Mobility and stiffness
Injured muscles and tendons
Energy levels
General happiness
Wound recovery
General fitness

Some of the key aspects of using the EQU bands are as follows:

24/7 use, helping to reduce ongoing management time
Proven to reduce NSAID medication levels
Natural process, no long/short term side effects
Weatherproof and 12 month guarantee
Endorsed by Olympic champions


By rebalancing the horses body to its natural and optimum state, blood flow and mineral distribution is increased. This results from the natural process in which minerals are distributed around the horses body. Notable improvements have been experienced within 24 hours, with joint swelling in particular reported to be significantly reduced.


Not only do horse-owners frequently report that the EQU band helps with recovery from injured muscles, aches and pains; evidence has been collected showing a significant result in the overall mobility of the horse. Recovery time from tendon injuries has shown to be reduced as the body is thought to be balanced to its optimum state, helping to distribute relevant minerals required for healing.


Although the EQU StreamZ bands are not designed to replace the need for conventional medical treatment, evidence shows that use of the bands has resulted in a direct reduction in medication levels for many horses. With some commonly-used NSAID medications having well-published side effects, EQU bands offer a natural way to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for such medication.

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